The National Construction Code 2019 (NCC) became effective on the 1 May 2019, repealing the National Construction Code 2016. The NCC is a code that regulates performance of all those involved in the construction of buildings, across all states and territories in the country. The NCC sets out guides and compliance requirements that must be followed. The new code contains three volumes which addresses the minimum level of performance requirements in relation to:

  1. Volume One: requirements for multi-residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings and structures
  2. Volume Two: requirements for residential and non-habitable buildings and structures
  3. Volume Three: requirements for plumbing and drainage

The key changes in the NCC 2019 involved: readability, performance requirements, fire safety, energy consumption, condensation management, roof-top space and plumbing. If you are involved in the construction industry, ensure that these new compliance requirements are being met.

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