As previously discussed, in March, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the National Cabinet had agreed to a six month-moratorium for evictions for residential and commercial tenancies impacted by COVID-19. However, like a number of Coronavirus regulations, it was necessary for individual State governments to legislate such provisions in order for them to become effective. On 15 April 2020, the NSW Government amended the Residential Tenancies Act 2010, introducing a 60-day ban and a further six-months of restrictions on evicting tenants financially impacted by COVID-19. In order to meet the requirements for a 60 day stop on evictions and the longer six-month restrictions a household must demonstrate that they are impacted by COVID-19. A household will have been impacted if:

  1. One or more rent-paying members of a household have lost employment or income due to COVID-19 closure of business or stand downs; or
  2. One or more rent-paying members of a household have had to stop working or reduce work hours due to illness with COVID-19 or due to COVID-19 carer responsibilities; AND
  3. The above factors have resulted in a reduced household income that is reduced by 25% or more.

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