As discussed in May – a commercial or residential landlord who has been required to reduce its tenants’ rent as a result of COVID-19, including if the Code of Conduct applies, may be eligible for the NSW Government’s land tax relief. If eligible the relief may reduce up to 25% of one’s 2020 land tax liability, defer one’s land tax payments by up to 3 months, provide a refund on the amount of rent reduction one has  given to a tenant, or reduce the amount of 2020 land tax payable if payment has not yet been completed. Applications for Land Tax concessions can be done on Service NSW. In order to apply one must meet the eligibility criteria and must have a land tax client ID, land tax correspondence ID, the land details the relief is being applied for, EFT details, evidence of rental reduction and evidence of the tenant’s financial distress. Please contact b+a if you would like us to assist in completing this application on your behalf.

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