Domain ‘name squatters’ or ‘cyber trolls’ will often send fraudulent correspondence and invoices directly to a trademark owner, bypassing their trade mark attorney. 

Some instances of domain name scams could include where you receive an email stating that someone is attempting to register your trade mark as their domain name, or you are sent an email from someone who claims to have registered your company name as a domain name and offers to sell it to you, or where you receive a renewal notice or invoice from a company that looks like a domain name registrar. 

A way of recognising these scams is if it comes from a foreign jurisdiction. Additionally, it is important to confirm that an invoice has come from your specific domain registrar. Ensure that all staff are informed about these scams so they do not pay any invoices. Ensure that your brand is protected through trade mark registrations and through adequate domain name registrations. Scammers can also be reported to the ACCC. 

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