Project Remediate is a new voluntary program introduced by the NSW Government to remove high-risk combustible cladding from Class 2 residential apartment buildings. It offers opportunities for Owners Corporations to fund and implement removal of cladding and to contractors with skills in management to take on roles as managing contractors and to material suppliers and consultants. 

The work creates business opportunities for managing contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers of replacement cladding. Consultants and banks will also benefit because remedial works will increase asset values and decrease risk for insurers. 

The tender process is open until June 2021. To benefit, Owners Corporations should register their interest and note the key dates for the project.  

A free course about Project Remediate is available to Strata managers and committee members to help owners make an informed decision about joining. It is free until 20 September 2021, after which it will be $140. 

Eligibility for the Project is based on being a Class 2 residential apartment building in NSW and having a high-risk combustible cladding façade which requires remediation. 

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