The resumption of construction work effective from July 31 is now subject to new COVID safety measures.

The occupied residential building and renovation sites in Greater Sydney have been allowed to re-open with the exception of the local government areas in hard lockdown conditions. 

The new restrictions and safety requirements for building sites include a cap of 25 people or 1 person per 4 square metre on construction sites, and all construction sites must have and comply with an approved COVID-19 Safety Plan, with a copy of the plan available for inspection by any authorised compliance officers. 

Further restrictions for construction and renovation work on occupied sites in Greater Sydney include that no more than five persons can undertake work in an outdoor area at the same time, and no more than two persons in an indoor area. Secondly, if work is occurring indoors where residents are present at the premises, the residents must be in a separate room from the persons undertaking the work at all times. 

Additionally, face masks must be work at all times for permitted home building and renovation work. 

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