Located in the heart of Sydney, Baron + Associates knows where the market is trending and has the right solutions to meet your legal needs. Our objective is to provide comprehensive, accurate and useful advice to enable our clients to make informed decisions, whether it be entering commercial agreements, developing a property or making personal decisions.

We have helped many businesses enter the market, understanding the needs of entrepreneurs, while taking into account the unique challenges faced at the commencement of a commercial venture.

Moreover, our years of experience make us the perfect partner to assist you, whether you have an established business model or are interested in taking the first steps towards becoming a business owner.

Our distinction is reflected in the diversity of b+a clients, who range from private individuals requiring personal services, such as conveyancing and powers of attorney, to eminent property developers and commercial entrepreneurs, some using b+a for multi-million dollar transactions.

Our aim is to provide our clients with comprehensive advice, providing not only legal advice but also strategic advice. As such, we always have your goals at the forefront of our priorities in order to provide holistic, practical solutions.

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