Baron + Associates 171212

paralegal (property)

Courtney is the dedicated conveyancing paralegal at b+a, fulfilling a core function in the range of property services provided at b+a. She began working for the firm in 2008. Under the auspices of Gil Baron, Courtney manages the conveyancing and property transaction requirements of our clients as part of b+a’s overall comprehensive property and commercial service.

Courtney handles specific aspects of each conveyancing transaction with personal and professional service. Areas of expertise include assembling initial contracts and option agreements, attending to conveyancing tasks including exchanges and settlements, organising registration of documents at the NSW Land Registry Services, in-house stamping, liaising with mortgagees and calculating settlement figures. Her breadth of experience ensures the necessary contracts are issued expeditiously, whether worth $500k or $100m. Courtney also assists Gil Baron with particular leasing and commercial matters.


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