b+a has its finger on the pulse of planning and construction law. We provide legal advice and representation to builders, project managers and landowners having extensive experience on a variety of projects ranging from small building and vacant land subdivisions to complex large-scale developments requiring precise legal structuring. We also regularly act on small-scale renovations.

Our advisory services for those seeking legal clarity on their present and future plans include:

  • Advising on acquisition vehicles including discretionary and unit trusts
  • Advising on contracts for building work
  • Drafting contracts and negotiating amendments
  • Contractual arrangements with architects, engineers and builders
  • Interpretation of standard form contracts
  • Advising on contract administration issues
  • Consideration of variation and delay cost claims and latent conditions
  • Prepare adjudication applications and adjudication¬†responses under the Building and Construction Industry Security for Payment Act 1999

Our objective is to provide comprehensive, accurate and useful advice to enable our clients to make informed decisions prior to entering into agreements. We assist in environmental and planning issues prior to project commencement by identifying issues before application lodgement and during negotiations with Councils, authorities and adjoining owners.

We also recommend and retain planning experts and experienced counsel when required to assist in providing an integrated legal service to our clients engaged in building and construction.

Should your construction project face legal hurdles, b+a is experienced in construction related disputes including adjudication, arbitration, mediations and District and Supreme Court Appearances.

We recognise that many post-construction claims can be unnecessarily lengthy and costly, and seek to maximise the use of alternate dispute resolution including mediation. To make the process of completing your project as smooth, speedy and safe as possible, we advise in relation to claims for delay, termination, defective specifications, design errors and omissions, variations for additional works and differing site conditions.