The start-up and running of a commercial enterprise of any size involves legal hurdles. Our goal at b+a is to make overcoming these hurdles as clear and efficient as possible so that our clients’ commercial operations can flourish unencumbered.

b+a is an ideal first point of contact for entrepreneurs wishing to start or enter into a commercial venture. Gil Baron and the team draw from their experience with a wide range of commercial transactions to advise clients on how they can plan ahead for their ventures. Our advice extends to assisting clients to implement our suggested structuring plans, taking into account a myriad of objectives including asset protection, stamp duty and tax considerations. We advise on:

  • General commercial transactions and vehicles
  • Joint ventures
  • Partnerships and co-ownership structures
  • Corporate structures and shareholder agreements
  • Trusts structures
  • Trading corporations
  • Employment issues and agreements
  • Trusts (unit/discretionary/hybrid)
  • Trade supply agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • E-commerce
  • Complex commercial agreements
  • Software services agreements
  • Venture capital and private equity
  • Financial services, lending arrangements and securities
  • Corporate governance