In Denoc Holdings Pty Ltd v Orange City Council [2017] NSWLEC 1271, a developer sought consent to convert a heritage mansion near Orange into a hotel. The developer sought permission to make structural changes to the inside of the building, and to demolish certain outbuildings. The Land and Environment Court accepted the proposed internal changes, with the exceptions of the removal of the original stairwell and a stained glass feature window. However, many of the external changes were not allowed, and the developer was ordered to amend the development proposal to better retain the visual integrity of the heritage building.

Additionally, the Council argued that the conversion of the mansion into a hotel would affect neighbouring properties; the balconies would affect privacy, and the carpark would increase noise. The Court acknowledged this, but decided that the plan of management would sufficiently mitigate the effects on the neighbours. The development proposal was allowed to go ahead, on the condition that the developer amend the plans as requested by the Court.

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