The NSW government has recently released new regulations to govern online short-term rental accommodation platforms including AirBnb and HomeAway. The new regulations seek to simplify and refine the previously vague laws. Under the proposal, short-term rentals will be permitted  for 365 days of the year insofar as the host is present. If the host does not live at the property, short-term rentals will only be permitted for 180 days in the Greater Sydney region.   The limit in relation  properties where the host is not present, does not apply to properties elsewhere in NSW, however, councils outside of the Greater Sydney Region will have the power to decrease the 365 day limit, to 180 days. Furthermore, additional changes have been proposed to the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 that will allow owners’ corporations to ban short-term rentals within their apartment block, if there is a majority of 75%. Under these new laws, it is also proposed that a mandatory code of conduct will be developed for the online platforms and agents to address concerns such as noise and disruptive guests. You can read more about the proposed regulations here.

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